„There are people who want to blow the wonder out of your life”

„There are people who want to blow the wonder out of your life”

I mentioned that the only person who knew about the multicolored creature I had seen outside my window as a child was an old lady who lived on the floor above my room. Her name was Maria, as are many mothers and grandmothers everywhere called.

A cup of tea, a cookie and a few hours spent with Grandma Maria and a healed soul afterwards. When she heard my childhood story, she laughed heartily. As a matter of fact, that creature had been an exotic bird her brother had brought that summer for a few weeks. It was gentle and didn’t really know how to fly, so she left it around the house.

Sometimes it would drop off the balcony, floating gently close to my window, from where she glided to my window’s opening. First by mistake, then because I whistled at her. When it got scared, it would fly up and sneak past the ajar balcony door. It happened a few times, but the impact it had on the entire imaginary spectrum of a little girl like me led to a real story. No one could confirm the story of the bird that only I had ever seen because the old lady kept it quiet. It was a bird smuggled into the country by her brother. A mere chance, a lifetime of struggling to find room for the wonder of childhood, blowing the miracle of dandelion fluff to others.

(Chapter One of the unpublisher Book ‘The Land of Everlasting Wonders’, Part One – A world that lacked the everlasting wonders is changing’)

© Cosmisian

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